Picture a “Little White School House” in Ripon, WI in the early months of 1854. This is where the “Whigs” and others started meeting to later form the Republican Party and they gave birth to a Party dedicated to freedom and equal opportunity. Everyone coming to the meetings was opposed to the spread of slavery. This school house is the birthplace of the Republican Party. Our first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln. He held office from 1861-1865. Out of 44 presidents the Republicans have had 18! The school house is still in Ripon and was designated a National Historic Site in 1974.

The Benton County Republicans continue to stand strong as our founders back in 1854. We have to continue this fight. We are currently researching the history of the Benton County Republicans. If you have any info to share please contact us through the email or our PO Box 322. We would love to hear from our community. We will continue to update the history as we find new and old information.
The Republican Party
of Benton County, Indiana